Nature hotel on the Costa Smeralda | Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru in Arzachena, Sardinia

The Resort

From sharecropper cottages to luxury retreat

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru is above all a story of love – the love I have for the ancestral land of my mother’s family. I was born and raised in Florence, but felt the pull to return to the countryside of the Costa Smeralda where my grandfather used to raise livestock.

You can become part of this story too, because the welcome we extend to you is fundamental to how we are.

The story

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru was the home of sharecroppers. I can still remember when my mother and father would bring me here as a baby to gather the produce offered up by this fertile land. I was enchanted by the countryside of Arzachena and knew it would always be a part of me.

My career as a lawyer finally gave way to my desire to return to Stazzo, to give it a new life and so I decided to restore it into the 4-star resort it is today. It wasn’t always an easy task, as I wanted to renovate it without changing it and keep Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru feeling like home. So I kept all the original spaces and took care of every piece of furniture myself, every detail of the resort, just as if it were my own home... because it really is!

I hope you will feel at home here, just as I do.

Geraldina Giovannoni, owner and host at Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru

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