When you really feel at home

Rooms and suites

Any hotel will say they want you to feel at home. But it’s only here at the Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru Luxury Resort in Arzachena that you’ll actually be at home: one like no other on the Costa Smeralda.

To make you feel fully at home, we have foregone typical hotel furnishings and instead filled our rooms with items from the family: each wardrobe, writing desk, trunk and sewing machine, the table and wrought-iron bedstead all once belonged to our grandparents and great-grandparents, each made with care by local craftsmen all those years ago.

We want you to wake up each morning surrounded by things that have meaning and fall asleep each night happy to be at Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru Luxury Retreat.

What our guests have to say

“We liked the rustic charm of the hotel. It was not big, which gave an intimate, friendly atmosphere."

Torunn – Booking.com

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