An ancient story with a new life

Villas on the Costa Smeralda

Our villas on the Costa Smeralda are like stories just waiting to be heard. Both Lo Stazzo and Il Pagliaio have been lovingly restored from the homes where the sharecroppers once lived and worked.

In the villa Lo Stazzo, the wooden loft above your head was where salami, sausages and smoked cheese were hung, while your room is where the sharecropper’s family would gather, to share a meal or stay warm beside the fire.

The villa Il Pagliaio was used to store straw or for crushing grapes.

What our guests have to say

Very relaxing vacation. If you look for quiet, a bit remote, ^feels like family place^ - then this is your pick."

Utom2016 – TripAdvisor

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